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      Technical support



      Huazeng technology LED Huwendeng original spherical runguang design, effectively change the light refraction angle, so that every ray emitted uniformly; 4500K constant temperature, let the light become more gentle; the eye lens technology in addition to glare at the same time, the effective removal of LED from ghosting, make the eyes more comfortable read more easily!




      LED low voltage DC lighting, on the one hand does not produce high intensity electromagnetic radiation, completely put an end to the child's injury, protect the body, protect the brain. On the other hand, the DC drive technology fundamentally eliminates the traditional eye lamp AC strobe, so that the eye pupil sphincter is natural, and the eye is not tired.


      Using fourth generations of revolutionary light source, LED lighting technology, and imports of LED chips. Light stable quality, long service life, no flicker; no ultraviolet radiation, let the children away from the eye injury; do not use mercury, green environmental protection and no pollution; under the same power, high brightness than ordinary incandescent lamp 60%-70%.

      Huazeng technology Huwendeng built-in microcomputer chip, can automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp according to the surrounding environment to avoid light, because the darkness of light caused by insufficient child eye discomfort and fatigue keep learning to maintain the best desktop brightness, and close to natural light, true color, is conducive to the protection of the eyes.

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