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    2. Recruit

      First, Salesmans

      Number: 20
      1, male or female, technical secondary school or above, age between 25-30
      2, more than two years of sales experience, curtains industry field is preferred;
      3, interested in curtain industry long-term development, and has a good team spirit;
      4, the curtain Engineering preferred;
      5, has a very strong pioneering spirit and spirit.

      Section、Area Manager

      Number: 3
      1, have good communication skills, coordination ability, optimistic, cheerful and friendly;
      2, relevant work experience is preferred. curtains market;
      3, work on the sale with a strong interest and confidence; a strong entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering spirit:
      4, age requirements: 25-35 years old.

      Responsible for the promotion of investment in Guangdong Province, the district is responsible for. Establish local stores.
      Detailed treatment: basic salary + commission + travel allowance + other benefits.

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